Monday 21 September 2015

David Cameron: when a bore's head went into a boar's head.

The allegations about David Cameron's predilection for both necrophilia and bestiality are taking the web by storm, which at least has the advantage of taking the heat off Jeremy Corbyn for a while.

I hope that Corbyn raises the matter at Prime Minister's Questions, and asks Dave straight out if he ever stuck his porker into a dead pig's mouth. If Dave denies it then a good case can be made to say that the press was just telling porkies.

Not that this will stop the rest of us from enjoying the show, but one can understand Dave's angst. I mean, if sweaty oinks can laugh at something that is quite normal to a man of his background, especially when he is off his head on dope, then clearly he must feel that political correctness has gone mad. He may argue that we have all done silly things when we are off our heads, but the rest of us never did it with dead heads, Dave. I fear that there are truffles ahead for him...

This story leaves a sower taste in the mouth so I'll stop now. Before I go I just want you to remember that piggy scene in Deliverance, and if you are around Dave when someone starts playing the banjo, then run like fuck.

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