Monday 20 April 2015

SNP seeks to involve people with a campaign leaflet

The SNP seems to have come up with a decent wheeze that will enable them to build up a good database of supporters and the issues that matter to them. This leaflet, printed on two A5 sides of thick paper plopped through my letterbox the other day along with a stamped addressed envelope so that it could be returned to the party.

It is very rare for any party to go to the trouble of asking the punters what they think, still less for that party to make it easy for people to reply. I filled in the form, and told the SNP that I thought that the war against claimants was the major issue of our day. Then I ticked the box to say that I would vote for Brock in this election and gave them my details. 

If the SNP do as well in this coming election as the polls predict then a lot of it will be due to out of the box thinking like this. The idea behind the leaflet is simple, so simple that I have never seen it done before. It will leave more than a few people thinking that the SNP actually gives more than a tinker's cuss about them and their concerns.

I told a couple of friends who are standing for election in England about this leaflet and they both agreed that it was a fine idea, but neither seemed to want to take it up. The first said that it was too late and the second told me that he couldn't afford all that postage.

The quick reply is that people could be asked to use their own stamp, or party workers could collect the completed cards. Alternatively, if a stall is set up in the centre of the constituency, people can fill them in there and then.

Good ideas need to be copied.

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