Thursday 30 April 2015

Brighton Green activists demonstrate how silly their party is

This is just so funny. Two Green girlies who were supposed to be leafleting for Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilion decided to have one of those jolly hockey sticks moments when they discovered a pile of newspapers with a UKIP advert on the front pages. So the naughty little things tore the adverts out of each front page, before carefully arranging their handiwork and then  taking photos of it all. A fellow walks in who seems to be in charge of the team, but instead of bringing the girls to heel and reminding them that they are wasting time with all this, he just stood around looking a bit helpless at it all. Says it all about the Greens I suppose.

Needless to say the paper got in touch with UKIP who quickly took advantage of the opportunity to go into full self righteous git mode - as did the Tories for that matter. Over at Green HQ it was red faces all round, but to be fair to them, the adult spokesmen did apologise profusely.

None of this amounts to very much, and it is certainly not the "absolutely disgraceful" affair that UKIP tried to portray it as.

It is just very silly, girly and twee. It tells you all you need to know about the Greens and why you should not even think about voting for them.

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