Sunday 22 March 2015

"Scum" attack Farage and his family

UKIP should be on the ropes right now, given the pounding they have received this weekend. The Janice Atkinson business when a member of her staff seemed to be engaged in dodgy dealings over expenses looked to me like the uppercut that would put the party on the canvas, and I was looking forward to watching the whole of Kipperdom reduced to public ridicule.

When I read the accounts of how Farage and his family were disturbed over a pub lunch by a gang of weirdos that included these two little darlings holding plastic dolls to plastic tits for reasons best known to themselves, my first reaction was that UKIP had gone along to a theatrical agency and hired a group of freakshow performers. It seemed to me as if it was the last, desperate throw of a dying party, and nobody was going to believe that creatures like this would be anything other than a put-up job by the UKIP press office.

How wrong I was, for these are genuine freaks who honestly believe that they have achieved something important today However, all they have done by terrorising Farage's teenage daughters is to turn the light away from UKIP's scandals and provide Farage with just enough  public sympathy to start refloating his political ship. 

If UKIP does recover from its self-inflicted wounds then today's idiocy will have a lot to do with it. I hope the people responsible are happy with that result, but I suspect that their limited sense of self-awareness means that they will not realise just how much normal people loath them.

In other words, a vote for UKIP is just as much a vote against these freaks as it is for UKIP.

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