Friday 6 March 2015

Another nail in Labour's Scottish coffin

Who is John McTernan? Well, he is Jim "Spud" Murphy's chief of staff, and Spud, in case you have forgotten, is the leader of the Labour branch office in Scotland. In fact, bringing McTernan in was Spud's first decision, once he became leader in January this year.

Back in late September 2014, McTernan was invited along to the Tory conference to take part in a panel discussion on popular capitalism, whatever that is.

Speaking about Thatcher, he has this to say about the old slag: “She changed the economic structure for good. As in forever. But also for good. It’s a good thing she did what she did.” He then went on to sing the praises of privatisation, saying: "There’s a far wider range of assets that are currently owned by the government which I would privatise. I would have privatised London Underground if I could have done."

If that hasn't made you cough up your coffee, then consider his opening remarks where he bemoaned the fact that half the population of Britain think that big business is a threat to the country, whereas only nineteen percent blame the unions.

Think about all this for a moment. In Scotland, a country that rejected Thatcherism root and branch, the Local Labour Party leader chooses a man like McTernan as his chief of staff. What does that say about Labour, and its plans for Scotland?

Simply that Labour are on the right side of the Tories and the wrong side of public opinion in Scotland.

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