Friday 27 March 2015

How Scotland voted in the IndyRef tells us a lot about how she will vote in May 2015

The Daily Record has published a breakdown of how people voted in the September 2014 Scottish referendum. They are making a big fuss about how those who were Scottish born voted Yes whereas people from the rest of the UK tended to vote No, but the real devil is in the details which tell a more interesting story.

In a nutshell, the working class on low incomes and people living in rented accommodation voted Yes by quite large margins. People who live in their own homes and high income earners voted No. There was also a clear religious divide, which this being Scotland is also very important. Members of the Catholic and Anglican Churches voted Yes, as did the atheists (Yeah!) On the other hand Church of Scotland people gave a majority of their votes to the No camp.

These figures may go a long way towards explaining something which we mentioned last night, namely that the SNP are basically dumping their old Tartan Tory policies and putting forward new ones that appeal directly to their new voting core. Unlike Labour in England, the SNP are not trying to toss a few table scraps to their core, they are inviting them to join in the feast.

It's nice to feel wanted!

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