Friday 25 July 2014

Sunday Sport Spurt Guide

Standards are slipping at the Sunday Sport which led to editor Nick Appleyard objecting strongly to a headline which read: "MAN LOSES B*LLOCKS BUT DOCS SAVE HIS BELL-END!" To quote from the all-departments e-mail that went out: "Bollocks is NOT censored, even in headlines, and who the hell puts a hyphen in bellend?"

Just to make sure that the Spurt never lets the organ's standards slip again, the following style guide was helpfully enclosed:

SHIT: Full out in copy and in headlines
FUCK: F**k in copy and in headlines
CUNT: C**t in copy and headlines
WANK: Full out in copy, w**k in headlines
TWAT: Full out in copy, tw*t in headlines
COCK: Full out in copy and in headlines
BOLLOCKS: Full out in copy and in headlines
BELLEND: One word, full out in copy and headlines

Cheers: Popbitch

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