Tuesday 1 July 2014

Introducing Kathy Wiles, the true face of Unionism

Until today when she resigned, Kathy Wiles was the Labour candidate for the Westminster seat of Angus, currently held by the SNP. What can we say about her, other than the obvious that she could do with a decent hairdresser, dressmaker and brassiere? That she supports the Union is obvious from her Facebook page. That she hates claimants is equally obvious from the comment she left back on the 25 April, which you can read if you click on the photo to enlarge it. 

Kathy came to prominence when she commented on a group of children who were photographed outside the Scottish headquarters of the BBC as part of a protest against the Beeb's perceived pro-Union bias. A Brit-Nat posted the photo on Twitter and commented sarcastically on it, which lead to various types piling in. The comments got more and more off the wall until someone had the bright idea of comparing the five Scottish children to the Hitler Youth. Not to be outdone, Kathy Wiles then Tweeted this gem:

She quickly deleted it, but this is the internet, folks, and more than one person had already grabbed a screenshot. To make matters even nicer, someone then had the bright idea of digging a little deeper into Kath's background to see if they could find any more gems, which is how the Facebook page pictured above came to see the light of day. Kathy then deleted her Facebook account, but by then it was too late as the hounds were off following yet more scents.

What has become clear from other questions that have been asked during polling exercises is that those reliant on benefits (but not pensioners) believe that they will be better off under independence, while those working believe that they will be worse off- in other words working households feel they will be required to foot the bill for the SNP's left-wing welfare policies. 
So here we have an official Labour Party candidate who slags off the SNP for its  left-wing polices, as well as hating claimants and thinks that some children having their photo taken in front of the BBC HQ are putative Nazis. You couldn't make this shit up, could you? Could it get any worse for Kathy Wiles I hear to ask?

Actually, it could, because the silly cow seems to believe that only ethnic Scots should be allowed to vote in the independence referendum. In August last year she moaned at the number of foreigners who have the vote and could use it to deprive her of British nationality.

Kathy Wiles woke up as the Labour candidate for Angus today and spent the morning and early afternoon deleting as much of the evidence of her own stupidity as she could. Eventually, as more and more people piled in to dig up yet more information, she threw in the towel and resigned as the prospective candidate for Angus. 

What can we say about a party that selected this very weird woman as a candidate? Labour is supposed to be the party of the working class and claimants are an integral part of that class. It should be remembered that many of them do the McJobs and claim benefits to top up their crap wages. Labour is also supposed to be the party of the ethnic minorities, and here was a candidate who felt that those minorities should be disenfranchised.

It looks to me as if the Unionists will win the referendum vote, but an awful lot of people are not going to forgive and forget the utter contempt that this candidate has for the core Labour voters. What Kathy Wiles said was only what the Labour Party nationally also believes. She would probably have got away with those comments had the referendum not put her in the spotlight.

The Labour Party will pay a heavy price in May 2015 when an awful lot of Yes voters remember the contempt that the party has for them.

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