Tuesday 22 April 2014

UKIP and the Jewish Vote

Shneur Odze is the number three on the UKIP list for the North West of England seat in next month's European elections. I met him last year, on the day when this photo was taken of me shaking hands with Nigel Farage,  and he came over as an honest, agreeable fellow. 

Sneur is an orthodox rabbi and for religious reasons cannot shake hands with women. For that Fred McGlade, the former Regional Organiser, decided to try and move against him. McGlade's version was that Skneur's views would "alienate women," and then various unnamed sources in UKIP began to spread the smear that Shneur had been banned from attending some UKIP branch meetings because of that.

The whole sorry tale reads like a version of the trouble that I had with McGlade last year, what with unnamed sources feeding stories to the press, so I was pleased to see the other day that UKIP has allowed McGlade to resign from his well-paid number within the party and I am told that he is no longer connected to UKIP in any way.

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