Monday 28 April 2014

UKIP will win next month: here's two reasons why

UKIP look more and more like a winner in the Euro elections and I have a sneaking feeling that they might just grab a seat in Scotland to really make their day complete.

There are two reasons why the party seems to be doing so well. The first is that it appeals overwhelmingly to people who are over sixty, and that is the age group that is most likely to vote. Conversely, people in their twenties may very well be the most hostile to UKIP, but they are the least likely to go along and cast a ballot.

Secondly, there are the protest voters who have chosen UKIP as their flavour of the month. This seems to me to be the reason why all the howls and smears that are being thrown at UKIP are being shrugged off. People look at the metropolitan elite who are doing the screaming and seem to have decided that sticking two fingers up to such people is worth a punt for UKIP next month.

In other words it is a complete waste of time telling people that UKIP really are a bunch of small town Poujadists who hold aloft the banner of the Sacred Maggie, because nobody really gives a stuff.

This election is about sticking it to the people who have turned the main political parties into vehicles for their own ambitions and those members of the media corps who cheer them on.

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