Monday 8 January 2018

Whatever Happened to the Anti-Brexit Autumn of Discontent?

Do you remember back in September 2017 when we were promised an Autumn of Discontent by the Federasts? That's right, they were going to march, demonstrate and so scare the living shit out of the government that Brexit would be reversed.

Actually, during the whole year, all they could manage was a few wanky marches that were basically competitions to see who could have the wittiest slogans on their hand-made placards.

Those displays of sexual self-sufficiency were always on Saturday 'cos, you know, they really wanted to overthrow the existing order, but they were running out of holidays for that year and they were really looking forward to going to Klosters for the skiing over Christmas.

Here in Edinburgh, I shot a video of one march as the well-dressed, well-fed marchers strolled down the street with their kids and grandkids along with them for the ride. I am sure that the Polish nannies appreciated the day off, as I said at the time.

So nothing happened, just as nothing ever happens when the middle-class are on their own.

And that is why we will leave the European Union next year! 

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