Monday 27 March 2017

Few Young People Bothered to Attend the Edinburgh Anti-Brexit March

On Saturday I reported on the poorly attended Edinburgh march for Brussels, and today I want to return to that event and ask where were all the young people? Not many of them were to be seen walking in the Edinburgh sunshine, that's for sure.

That's not to say that everyone was elderly, but most people at the poorly attended event did seem to be ladies of a certain age and gentlemen with grey hair and walking sticks.

I arrived at about 12.45pm when the couple of hundred people who had assembled by then were very noticeable by their advancing years.

The crowd grew to about 500 or so by 1.30pm, and I concentrated on grabbing the video of them all walking past my spot. It was only later when I watched the video properly for the first time and looked at the faces that I realised that the ratio of young to old did not seem to have changed all that much. 

It may be that the kiddies felt that clicking like to the event on Facebook was sufficient, but they have spent the months since June 2016 telling us how outraged they are by the vote, and how they were only waiting for the opportunity to reverse it. The evidence of Saturday in Edinburgh is that actually the precious little snowflakes actually don't care all that much.


  1. You are misreporting sir ! I counted at least 2000 for sure in Edinburgh and it was, I suspect, way more than that - see my report at - there were heaps of young people - I spoke to quite a few.

  2. I was there as well, and I saw things differently. There were some young people at the event, and I have never claimed otherwise, but the oldies outnumbered them.

  3. Your blogs are full of lies Ken why not get a job writing for The Express. Remember the Pro Brexit march in London? About 50 turned up but the Pro EU march police are quoting at least 120,000 people there. Your blogs do give me a laugh though just a shame Jackanory isn't still running as you would make the perfect presenter

    1. Dunno what happened in London, Anonymong, but I do know what happened in Edinburgh 'cos I was there to see it. About 500 people, the majority middle aged or older, went for a stroll.


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