Saturday 30 August 2014

Terror weapons found - Galloway assaulted by rabid Nat

As the Tories announce that the terror threat has been raised to severe, I expect that any moment it will be announced that photos such as the above are evidence that a major new arms cache has just been discovered. 

I also await with baited breath the news from the Unionist press that George Galloway MP was assaulted in the street by a supporter of Yes Scotland to prevent him from speaking out in favour of the Union.


  1. Ken, you might want to change this a little. As it stands it looks like it was some pro-Israel chap attacking him for perceived Anti-Semitic remarks.

  2. Er, ever hear of satire and sarcasm? Eggs are only weapons in the minds of fucktarded Unionists who have created the myth of thuggish Cybernats. These wallies claim that mobs of Nats go round intimidating helpless Unionists, so I thought I would apply that to the Galloway incident.


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