Saturday 16 August 2014

Annabelle Fuller is back in Nigel Farage's office

Senior figures in UKIP are reported to be furious that Nigel Farage is allowing Annabelle Fuller back into his office, according to one well-placed source in the party hierarchy. It's still unclear if she has returned to work for the party or is she is merely providing decoration. If the former is the case then it confirms the story that my source gave me some time ago which was that Farage had promised Annabelle that she could return to work for him once the dust had settled.

The question is has the dust really settled? We need to remember that German born Kirsten Farage is reported to have gone seriously Teutonic over her husband's alleged relationship with busty Annabelle. So if she really is back and drawing a salary for her activities, then it is unlikely that Kirsten will be unaware of this fact.

This leads people to ponder what deal has been done to stop Kirsten Farage screaming her head off?

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