Wednesday 11 December 2019

Why Soft Remainers Should Vote Tory Tomorrow

Yeah, I know what you are thinking - it's a witty meme and nothing more. Actually, I reckon that it tells a truth that the federasts are so deranged that tomorrow they might just start calling for Gina Miller to do just that.

Leaving the headbangers aside, most of us probably just want this torture over and that means voting for Boris and his Tories. If he ends up with a majority, then we leave the EU next month, the government will start to negotiate a final settlement with the EU and the rest of us can get on with our lives.

If Boris does not have a majority, say he gets around 310-325 seats then the danger that we will crash out of the EU without a deal becomes incredibly real. Let me explain why:

Boris would remain as the Prime Minister unless the Commons can remove him via a vote of no confidence. That means all the odds and sods who will sit on the opposition benches will have to come together to vote on that motion. Given that they hate each other more than they hate the Tories, I doubt if that will happen before the end of January.

However, Boris would probably not be able to get his deal through the Commons, but he does have the advantage in that our withdrawal from the EU is already enshrined in law. So he does not have to do anything other than hold his nerve and run down the clock until 1 February and that is that: we are out with no deal.

The opposition will not be able to play games with the order paper as this new Speaker will not allow those tricks to be played as he has already said. So they will not be able to force the government to seek an extension to Article 50 as they did before.

So, what to do if you are a Remainer who wants to get on with his life? None of the opposition parties can win this election, but your vote could mean that Boris does not get a majority and we crash out of the EU without a deal next month.

There would then be another election probably in the autumn once we are safely out and the Tories could blame any disruption on the opposition.

If you vote Tory then there is more chance that Boris will get a majority and Britain gets its deal. Yes, we leave the EU, but that was decided in 2016, so what we are arguing about now are terms and conditions. Do you want to exit the EU with Boris' withdrawal agreement or do you want to crash out with nothing at all?

It is your call.

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