Thursday 12 December 2019

Vote for Boris Today to Get Brexit Done

Today is polling day and we, the British people, must make a decision. Do we wish to live in an independent country or are we content to remain as a province of the European Union?

I am 63-years-old and have never before voted Tory, but I will do it today. I do not want to live in a province, I want to live in a free United Kingdom. I will not pretend that I like the Tories because the truth is that I actually detest them, but I can live another five years with Boris as Prime Minister if we are once again an independent country that controls its own laws.

Three years ago I was one of the over 17 million people who voted to leave the EU. We were told that the government would respect our wishes and implement whatever we decided. That was a lie.

Two years ago I voted Labour. I was told by Labour that it respected the result of that referendum. That was also a lie.

We have not left the European Union because an unholy alliance of quislings came together to foil our exit from within the House of Commons. They were aided by tame judges and super-rich immigrants who worked to prevent government policy from being implemented.

Boris purged his party of the bulk of the quislings and any that are left are small in number and keep their mouths firmly shut. Jeremy Corbyn, a man who campaigned against the EU for decades is now a prisoner of his federast party that has demonstrated time and again that they are only interested in Brussels and not Britain.

If you are one of the millions who voted to take back control in 2016 by voting for Brexit, then I urge you to get Brexit done by voting for Boris's candidates today.

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