Tuesday 2 June 2015

Charlie Kennedy dies suddenly: Mailoids blame the SNP

The death of Charlie Kennedy at the terribly young age of just 55 has left all of us stunned. As the then leader of the Liberal-Democrats he was the only senior political figure who opposed the war against Iraq in 2003, and he went on to position his party into a serious contender for political power for the first time since the Great War. He felt obliged to resign the leadership owing to too close a relationship with the bottle which I always thought was a pity. When people complained to President Abraham Lincoln that General Grant was a heavy drinker, Abe asked them to let him know what Sam's favourite tipple was so that a crate could be sent to him. The fools who ditched Kennedy and then turned the Lib-Dems into a Tory stooge party before leading it to destruction last month, might have been better advised to follow Lincoln's strategy and stick with Charlie.

Perhaps needless to say, the web's nastier denizens have taken the opportunity to blame the SNP for this tragedy. I am tempted to say that this is what you expect from creatures who really are lower than vermin, but what the hell, let's have the buggers instead.

As you might expect, the Daily Mail's readers are leading the charge, as the screenshots which follow will demonstrate. The interesting thing about these attacks is the way in which other Mailoids jump in to vote up the loathsome comments:

It's also interesting to see how people who object to the nastiness get voted down by the more traditional Mailoids who are clearly in a roll:

If you think that the Mailoids are bad enough, then Wings Over Scotland has proof that Twitter is even worse:

What all these commentators have in common, apart from being scum-sucking Tories, is that they tend to hail from the anally retentive towns of Southern and Midlands England. Chichester, Guildford and Walsall are all nothing more than places on a map to the more civilised members of British society, but they are overrepresented when it comes to the hatred that their inhabitants have for Scotland. The only reason that I can think of to account for that is because they resent that fact that Scotland refused to roll over for another kicking from the Tories or their stooge parties.

They could have done as the rest of us did and voted against the party that makes the rich even richer and reduces the poor to penury, but that would require not just a brain between their ears, but balls that harden in anticipation of the battles to come. Sadly for all of us, the lower middle class really are nothing more than people without the brass to be gaffers or the balls to be workers. It's much easier for these buffoons to blame greedy workers, or immigrants or Scots for their crappy standard of living, rather than fix the blame where it belongs which is with capitalism and the class that moves and shakes it.

As I have said before, the irrational hatred that these comments typify really is a one-way-street. The myth that Scots hate the English is just that, a myth. On the other hand, the sheer nastiness that flows from England into Scotland is real. The root of it, I am convinced, is jealousy. 

Deep down in their souls they know that they have got no fucking balls and they resent anyone who still wishes to take the fight to the Tory enemy.

We should feel pity for them. Pity, mixed with a good dose of contempt.

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