Tuesday 17 February 2015

Social work industry objects again to people's politics

Two years ago they tried to stop a couple in Rotherham from fostering children because of their membership of UKIP; now they have tried to forcibly adopt a child in Darlington because his father is a member of the English Defence League.

The mother of the 13 month old baby in Darlington does not live with the father and supports his wish to have custody of their child. However, the parasites of social work then got involved on the ludicrous grounds that the EDL is "immoral." They added to this the fact that the father a decade ago when he was 17 was foolish enough to have sex with a 13 year old girl. He wasn't prosecuted for that, probably because even Mr Plod isn't daft enough to try and drag a teenager to court for doing what all teenagers do these days. Nevertheless, for Darlington social work industry that was evidence that he was also "immoral," and grounds enough to seize his child.

The case ended up in the High Court before Judge Sir James Munby who ruled: "The city fathers of Darlington and Darlington's director of social services are not guardians of morality." He went on to say: The justification for state intervention is harm to children, not parental immorality."

I have asked this question many times before, but it is always worth repeating: what do we think that we are doing even listening to the knuckle-dragging, educationally subnormal members of the social work industry, still less providing them with cushy numbers on the local government gravy train?

By the way, as a rule when I post about the latest act of madness by these fuckwits, an army of them crawl over here from whichever sewer they inhabit to take over my comment box. Please don't this time, as I am really not in the mood for being nice to any representatives of British headbangery.

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  1. Of course if he had hailed from the Muslim community, belonged to a jihadi organisation and had screwed a 13-year old white girl at the age of 25 there would not be a cheep from these vermin. To be a white, working class man in this squalid little Thatcherite/PC country is to be worse than nothing!


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