Monday 2 September 2013

The social work industry harasses thousands of mothers

The English branch of the social work industry  placed 4,000 children on its at risk register last year when they were still in their mothers' wombs! Even by the standards of that most loathsome of state security agencies, this marks a pretty new low in the harassment of women when they are at their most vulnerable. 

I have had few personal dealings with these creatures, but for quite some time I did help to fight the good fight by using what little talent I have as a wordsmith to help agitate against their activities. I think that the time has come to start reprinting some of my older works here as they seem even more valid today than they were a decade ago when I first wrote them.

For the record, if you are going to expand higher education down to almost primary school level, then the only way in which the bovine "graduates" of those "universities" are going to find employment is in local government. Capitalism is not as stupid as we on the left sometimes fondly imagine it to be, and any City institution will prefer the Oxford or St. Andrew's man over the wretched poly wallah, so social work is pretty much the only option open to these chancers.

They are the people who when I was a youngster were the foremen and chargehands in factories, and who used to strut around self importantly in overalls that were differently coloured that the rest of the shop floor. Today they manage to get into some wretched old polytechnic that has been allowed to degrade the name of university, and on that basis slither their way into a local government sinecure such as social work. As my mother used to say, they are the types who have got a class above themselves and need to be brought down a peg or two.

I have always regarded the middle class in general as scum who haven't got the balls to be workers nor the brass to be gaffers, but the lower middle class, many of whom come from my type of background are little better than graveyard rats to be taunted at every opportunity.

Time to start having the fuckers again!


  1. Dear Ken, thought I would drop you a line as this vehicle for your ego contains so few comments. I am one of the 'filth' who dares to care. I have also read your poorly informed attacks on the Social Work profession. I think you should spend a bit of time with Social Workers and actually find out what they do. You might be surprised, as Social Workers help and protect people everyday. The reality of Social Work is different to the stereotypes you peddle. All your attacks serve to do is align you with those who harm others. You portray the Social Work profession as some kind of secret police, when in fact we are an unfairly maligned profession that is, if anything, disliked by the establishment. I might add also that Social Work contains many talented and bright people, many of whom have previously been supported by Social Work themselves. I might add, just to establish my credentials, that I have two masters degrees and have attended three Russel Group universities (incl Edinburgh University!). I would be interested to know your credentials. Gavin Tucker

    1. My reply to this load of old wank from Gavin Tucker has now been posted.


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