Monday 15 April 2013

Fred has one of those moments

In the late afternoon of the 8th April, Fred McGlade called me at home and told me that he was suspending my membership of UKIP, and he went on to demand that I withdrew my candidacy for the election, all because I refused to join in the wailing at Thatcher's death. To be fair, at one point he began to rant about the iniquities of the Anglo-Irish Agreement, so it looks like he was having a funny turn, but my attitude to the old slag was clearly at the root of it.

In an attempt to buy time I pointed out that I had already spent over £200 on the campaign and he immediately interrupted to say that he would send me a cheque for that amount. I told him that I would have to find the receipts and that I did not know here they were, and McGlade came up with a cunning plan  which was to tell me that he did not want receipts.

To be honest, that looked less like a payment of expenses and more like a bung. However, since I am unable to walk more than a few yards without considerable pain and since McGlade led me to believe that he would withdraw all the party workers from my campaign and leave me to carry the expenses can myself, I decided to cut my losses and agree to his demands.

McGlade then seems to have lost the plot completely because he ordered the press office to send the following e-mail to the Trot girl:

Now, this nonsense not only contradicts everything that McGlade had said in his earlier mail to me, to say nothing of his incoherent telephone rant about the Blessed Margaret, but the whole thing just falls apart even with a cursory reading. For instance, McGlade wanted the woman to believe that Nigel Farage was involved in all this and agreed with the actions taken. The only action that Farage took in relation to me was agreeing to be photographed with me a couple of days before Fred McGlade decided to go off the wall:

What McGlade had not realised is that these loose-lipped Trots chatter amongst themselves like so many parrots without realising that anyone can download their prattles. Thus his wheeze fell apart very quickly.

The question is what was the strategy behind the wheeze?

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