Saturday 13 April 2013

A Warm Welcome

I don't know what the rest of April 2013 is going to be like, but it has been a roller-coaster up to now and the damned month isn't yet half over. It started with me as the UKIP candidate for the Pendle Central Division of Lancashire County Council and then on the 8th I was offered money to withdraw my nomination, with the implied threat that if I didn't take the bung then the party machinery would be turned against me. The fact that the party does not have a machine was something that I only discovered when it was too late to do anything about it. Never mind, we live and learn.

So sit back and let me show you around the world of minor party politics where the egos are massive and the issues trivial. I promise to make it as entertaining as I can.

The basic rule for this blog is that there are no rules: you can say what you like and I will not censor you. The exception to this is if you want to use my toy to advertise your products - sorry, but that is not allowed. Other than that feel free to add whatever you wish to the debate.

The blog was set up to explain the events of the past few days, but when that is done I will keep it going to provide myself, and you I hope, with some entertainment from time to time.

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