Monday 20 April 2020

The Lockdown Breaks in Edinburgh

This is what Edinburgh should look like under its lockdown, but doesn't as increasingly people are just ignoring the rules and going out and about. 

I noticed when I went shopping on Friday that the numbers of cars on the roads seemed to be far higher than it had the week before. There was also a lot of people walking, many with shopping bags in their hands who did not seem to be heading towards the shops. I guessed that this was a foil the filth tactic just on the off-chance that a bored copper decided to turn them over.

Arriving at the supermarket I turned the car around and left without stopping as over 100 people were queueing up to enter the building. I drove to a Lidl that was half empty even during the height of the panic buying and found a security man on the door filtering people into the shop. He let me through without any bother as I am both elderly and semi-crippled, but the fellow behind me was asked to wait until someone left. The same was going on at the B&M which never before has been so full that people have to wait to go in.

Last night my son took delivery of some supplies from Tesco and I took the opportunity to chat to the deliveryman who confirmed that traffic is now much heavier than it was and the streets much busier.

My theory is that Scotland does not have the same number of curtain twitchers that England has, probably because people do not want to get on the wrong side of the retired murderers and superannuated gangsters who are their neighbours. South Edinburgh may be terribly swish, but the council schemes that form a big chunk of the rest of the city are traditionally plebian in their mores.

So, if the lockdown is starting to collapse, anyway, that is probably why the Scottish government announced the other day that they are looking at ending some of the restrictions next month. 

All good fun.

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