Monday 9 March 2015

Wife divorces her husband because his cock is too big

It's being reported that a Nigerian wife has divorced her husband of just one week because his cock is too big for her to holster. Aisha Dannupawa received her divorce from Ali Maizinari, by claiming that try as she might, she could not finish polishing Ali's wang without suffering intense pain.

For his part, Ali accepted the idea of a divorce, so long as Aisha's family paid him back the dowry that he had coughed up for her hand, along with the money that he had spent courting her. He refused to deny that he is the proud owner of serious blue-veiner...

This is just typical of women all over. I had a girlfriend once who told me that the notion that it's not what you have, it's how you use it, was "a myth, put about by men with small todgers."

On the other hand I also had a friend who was a prostitute and she reckoned that small cocks were best because she couldn't tell if they were even inside her and all she had to do was whisper "Give it to me, big boy," to get the punter to shoot his wad. That said, I suspect that this was a commercial decision and was not reflected in the choppers she rode for fun rather than profit.

Still, the case of Aisha is proof, if proof were ever needed, than bloody women are never satisfied.

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