Thursday 5 March 2015

The Tories seem to have accepted that they will not win a majority in May

Have the Tories decided that they are not going to get a majority in May's general election? How else are we to explain the turning loose of John Major to beg Labour not to form a post-election deal with the SNP?

A party that was swaggering to victory like a dog with two dicks - as the Tories did indeed swagger in the 1980s - would not issue pleas like this. They would be telling people how wonderful life was going to be in the Greater Britain that a vote for them would achieve. Instead they are reduced to a whining plea from Captain Underpants himself, begging Labour to please, pretty please, don't agree to any terms with those nasty sweaties north of the River Tweed.

With over eight weeks to go until the polls open, I have no idea who will win the bulk of the seats that are up for grabs. However, one thing is clear: the Tories are already accepting that it isn't going to be them.

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