Wednesday 18 February 2015

Press go into self-righteous mode over Manchester bus brawl

The press are making a big play on this fairly typical 5.00am Manchester bus brawl between four cocky, pissed as farts, Wythenshawe chavs and two Spaniards. Well, it is reported that they were Spanish, but I couldn't hear the accents so will have to take that on trust. I suppose tales like this provide cheap space fillers for the papers as well as giving them another chance to scream "wacism" and "homophobia." Quite how a spat between Europeans can be called racism is anyone's guess, but the precious metropolitan souls who write this drivel were probably doing it on autopilot.

Here's the video:

What can we say about the delightful combination of cheap lager,  bags of chips and rampant chavery that all came together on an early morning bus to that centre of urban sophistication known as Wythenhawe?

I suppose that the first thing that comes to mind is that Wythenshawe really was lovely half a century ago when my parents took me there as a Sunday treat to visit my two aunts, Back then everyone had a job because when the estate was built in the 1920s the city council ensured that space was provided for light industry so that the new residents of Wythenshawe had new jobs as well as light, airy new homes.

Those light engineering firms went the way of everything else during Thatcher's War, and that left the people of Wythenshawe high, dry and with their dicks in their hands. The Labour council then encouraged technology firms to move in, but needless to say, none of them provided anything other than the odd cleaning job to the army of unskilled and semi-skilled people who lived in the area. Also needless to say, Wythenshawe quickly began its death spiral to become the shithole that it is today. Nice work, Labour.

That doesn't justify the piss headery that we can see on the video, but it does go some way to explaining it, which is more than the press are doing with their idle chants of racism.

Funnily enough - actually it's more than funny, it's seriously hilarious - if you can read Spanish you might want to visit the YouTube page where the video is hosted. Scroll down to the comments, and you will find any number of Latin-Americans piling in to defend British chavdom against the descendants of the wicked Spanish colonialists.

The self-loathing metropolitan middle class may like to keep that in mind before they start squealing again, but they probably won't.

I think that I'll leave the last word to the insouciant Manchester police spokesman who said that, "It's not been reported to police, but if it is we will investigate."

Welcome to urban Britain, in other words. It's what the middle class wanted and voted for.

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