Sunday 15 February 2015

Foul-mouthed Sarah Haseler: Labour's secret weapon

Meet Sarah Haseler, a 30-something Media Studies graduate of the University of Exeter. In 2013 she and her boyfriend took over a firm called Right Price which flogs double glazing out of its base in Plymouth and she is now its managing director.

Sarah promised to send Jim her thoughts and when she failed to do that he sent her an e-mail. This is her reply, please click to enlarge:

Now. let's just ignore the foul mouth rant for a moment and ponder on what type of person rejects a labourer in part because he is old, ugly and missing a few teeth? 

Old and ugly he may be, but Jim is not daft because as soon as he got the e-mail he got in touch with the SWNS press agency and sold them the story, which is why it is now in just about every paper in the country.

Sarah seems to enjoy her potty mouthed rants as her boyfriend found out when she commented on a photo of her that he posted to Facebook:

Now I know that the University of Exeter is a bastion of Sloanery, and chock full of Oxford rejects, and under normal circumstances I would leave this tale alone, but these are not normal times are they, folks?

We have an election coming up and if the Tories win then people like Sarah also win. If that happens then middle class insolence like this will only increase. I am older than Jim and I can remember when types like Sarah kept their pretty mouths shut around working class people, no matter what they thought in private or said over the dinner table.

Since 1997, since New Labour took power in other words, this insolence has increased, is increasing and needs to be diminished. Labour today under Ed Miliband needs our votes, which is why the party is frantically conjuring up policies that they think will appeal to the likes of Jim Allan, and me.

Hopefully, a new Labour government with SNP support in May will make the likes of Sarah Hasler even more foul-mouthed than they are already, but in private, amongst their friends. Not in public, so that we can go back to just ignoring them, so long as they pay their taxes.

Hopefully those taxes will be very high indeed.

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