Tuesday 13 August 2013

Kelly-Jane Stone spills the beans

Meet Kelly-Jane Stone from Watford, and that photo is probably all you will ever see of her if Kelly-Jane has her way as the 26 year old is doing a runner. She has cancelled her Twitter and Facebook accounts, and has decided to be a very quiet girl indeed in the hope that she can avoid the bucket of shit that very many people want to see poured all over her.

She is a now suspended recruitment agent employed by the Transline Group in Hemel Hempstead. Her job was to find casual staff for Amazon, and her hobby was trying to ensure that the "suckers" who did not dance to her tune ended up losing their benefits. She even gloated about it on Twitter which is how it all came out:

Obviously she could not stop anyone's benefits directly as she is not employed by the job centre, but she could 'phone the joke shop and give them some tale about a person, so get the money stopped that way.

In case you are wondering, the man who calls himself Devil's Baguette has also deleted his account. This guy likes stealing money from youngsters, by the way:

I suspect that these two chancers will be hung out to dry, but we need to remember that their real crime was getting caught in public saying what most of them only say in private.

This is the middle class for you: vermin every one.

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