Wednesday 28 August 2013

Attacking Syria: a rerun of Iraq

In early 2003 the United States was planning its war against Iraq. It's British client state was involved as a good doggie should, by yapping in support of that act of aggression, and then sending men to die in America's war. Ten years later the USA is now planning another attack on another Muslim country, with Britain tailing along doing exactly as it did a decade ago.

I was involved in that earlier debate and all it did was distract everyone's attention from the pressing matters at home - which let's face it, is where the real enemy lives.

Today parliament has been recalled to discuss this latest coming aggression, but this time I am not going to get involved in the debate. Our line should be that if the man can afford to piss millions up a wall in military action then that same man can afford to repeal the bedroom tax, an issue that is far more pressing for people of my class than a war against a country that most people could not point to on a map. So, the war is at home. We must not get involved in this latest debate, and all we need to say is that anything that is good for the employer class is bad for us by definition, and no further debate is needed.

Now then, how are we going to oppose the bedroom tax, universal credit and zero hours contracts?

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