Saturday 4 May 2019

The Edinburgh Euro Election Campaign Started Today

The first 2019 outing for the Brexit crew that helped win the 2016 victory took place in central Edinburgh today and I wandered along to take some photos. It's a pity that we have to take part in an election for a body, the European Parliament, that we do not regard as legitimate, but as our own Westminster Parliament is infested with members whose loyalty is to Brussels and not to Britain, we have no choice. Our democracy is under threat and we must defend it.

The young fellow on the right wanted to vote for the Brexit Party, but he is from Northern Ireland where the party is not standing. However, he was pleased to learn that UKIP will stand in the province and went away pledging to vote for them. Our team are all going to vote for the Brexit Party, but we are not sectarians. This is not about winning seats, it is about maximising the Brexit vote.

This man voted Remain in 2016 but is now so thoroughly disgusted at the antics of the Federasts that he has "converted" to the side of light. At least one other person said the same, using the same terminology: it is almost as if people are undergoing a religious revival. He took some leaflets and is here shown grabbing a lapel badge to wear to show his commitment to the Brexit Party and freedom.

A tourist who came up to the stall to express his disgust at the antics of our politicians. He voted Leave in 2016 but was not a hardliner until the vote was betrayed. Now he is a convinced Brexiteer.

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