Tuesday 26 March 2019

Leave Means Leave Starts Its Leith Campaign

On Saturday I took myself off to the centre of Leith as Leave Means Leave had announced a street stall to campaign for Brexit. Just writing those words is depressing enough, but that is the situation that we are in.

I had never met any of this group before, but they were as enthusiastic as it is possible to be when it looks as if you may have to do everything again in a Groundhog Day sort of way. I must say I was pleased to see that the organiser - the man in the woolly hat - is all of 27 years old. God knows we need to pass the torch on to the next generation as soon as possible so let's hope he has more luck than we did in 2016 at getting our rulers to listen to the people.

Attitudes on the street mainly consisted of eye-rolling weariness, coupled with a belief that the 2016 result has been subverted. Unfortunately, that belief did not seem to be translating into the anger needed to ensure that the comfortable classes undergo a sphincter-loosening moment that is sufficient enough to force them to come to heel.

That said, if anyone can pursuade them it is Leave Means Leave, headed by Nigel Farage, otherwise known as Mr Brexit, and his teams. So please get in touch with the outfit and volunteer your time and energy to the Good Old Cause.

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