Sunday 31 December 2017

Faye Brookes of Coronation Street and Her Sex Tape

Actually, it has been around online for about six months, but it didn't get any publicity because it isn't all that good and Faye is not all that well known. Don't get me wrong, the girl can sort of deep throat but her cupping the balls and working the shaft technique needs a lot more work, as you will see if you click this link to watch the video.

Kim Marsh is another Coronation Street starlet who also made a sex tape that by an amazing coincidence also leaked at the same time as Faye's. That one got more publicity at the time 'cos Kim knows how to handle a cock far better than Faye, as you will see if you watch her video. Go on, you know you want to.

So why did the Faye Brooke's sex tape story suddenly emerge today? Probably because it is New Year's Eve and the press and blogosphere need an easy cut and paste story that will get lots of hits for a minimum of effort.

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