Wednesday 9 August 2017

EU Free Movement for the British Is a Federast Fantasy

The EU referendum was well over a year ago and still the defeated Federasts trot out the same pathetic whines as they did the day after their defeat. Time for the gloating Brexiteers to give the same answers as we always have, so let's start with one of the biggest and most entertaining whines, which is the one that says that by voting to leave the EU the Brexiteers have somehow deprived the poor ickle snowflakes of their chance to work abroad.

Speaking as someone who is now over sixty and who has managed to spend more than a third of those sixty-odd years abroad, I can say quite clearly that the EU does not help British people to move in any way shape or form. Quite the reverse, in fact, since most of the countries that make it up are either very poor or have a rentier system that prevents British people from taking advantage of the mythical freedom of movement.

It is unlikely that any British person would want to chance his arm in Poland, as the economy can't provide jobs for its own people, hence the numbers of Poles who have blessed Great Britain with their presence over the past couple of decades. Besides, the rentier nature of the economy means that what jobs there are available are handed out on the basis of knowing someone with the political or economic clout needed to slot a candidate into a cushy number.

Even in Germany, a country that cannot be called rentier, regulations ensure that the tasty jobs go to German nationals. For instance, a friend of mine is married to a Chinese woman who practised traditional medicine in China, having graduated in that from a Chinese university.  When that couple lived in Germany, the wife was not allowed to practice her craft because German laws have it that she had to obtain a degree in it from a German university. Here in Britain, by way of contrast, all she had to do was rent a shop and then open it for business.

This is why British people tend to avoid the EU countries, apart from Spain where the elderly go to die and look to the rest of the world, 'cos that's where the tasty numbers are to be found.

A good drinking mate of mine was deputy director of maintenance at Veracruz port. He had left school at the age of 15 to join the Royal Navy back in the 1950s. The skills he acquired stood him in good stead when he left the navy as he ended up working in West Africa and the Arabian Gulf, before fetching up in Mexico.

Obviously, the port's director was a Mexican and equally obviously he was a political appointee who knew little about the work and cared even less, but  my mate was on hand to ensure that the port ran smoothly in return for a whacking great reward that included two first class flights back to the UK every year.

If you are like me and find changing the oil in your car's engine difficult enough then a decent degree from a decent, Russell Group university should see you right. Often you will find that wealthy third worlders quite like having British people on their staff, not to do very much work - perish the thought - but so that they can boast to their cronies that they have an Oxford man or Edinburgh woman at their beck and call. Not that there is much becking or calling since you are there for prestige reasons, but I am sure that you get my drift.

Now then, given that none of this is exactly new information, why are the Federasts using Britain's withdrawal from the EU as an excuse to whinge about how it will mean that they cannot get an easy life abroad?

The answer could very well turn out to be that your average whining Federast is really nothing more than some bovine loser with a pathetic little poly degree and a puerile desire for status who really believes that one day he will leave his local-government non-job behind and wangle himself a top of the range number in the EU. As if even a third world place like Romania would take such people seriously...

In other words, they are like the bloke who plays for a Sunday League team and who tells everyone that one day he is going to turn out for Manchester United. Just as people smile at the Sunday player in the pub, so we should smile at the Federast who believes that any other country anywhere in the world is going to treat him with anything other than derision.

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