Tuesday 4 October 2016

The Left Prefers Posture to Planning for Post-Brexit Britain

“Make the bonfire, make the bonfire, put the Tories on the top. Put the Blairites in the middle, and we’ll burn the fucking lot!”

An admittedly rather droll chant from some leftists who went and wasted an afternoon protesting at the Tory conference on Sunday. I say wasted because now that we are about to leave the EU, something which the left has wanted from the beginning, we really should be discussing the Labour Movement's post-Brexit aims.

What industries do we want to nationalise, as part of what economic plan? Do we need to invest in further education and technical universities, and if so, why are we investing millions in third rate institutions that just turn out yet more members of the social work industry or other parasitic local government wallahs?

People, the left were the bulk of the original Brexiteers, back when the Tories wanked dementedly over the EEC, seeing it as a way to keep us under control.

We have freed ourselves from that: now it is time to free ourselves from an economic system that only benefits the rich and their middle class stooges.

Inane chanting outside the Tory conference is not helping to put together a coherent response to the new times, is it?

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