Monday 26 February 2018

Federast Funnies 9

We haven't had a Federast Funny for quite some time, probably because the Guardian hasn't given us anything to laugh at all that much. Today, however, the paper made up for its lackadaisical approach by giving us a real gem.

John Harris, who is one of the saner Federasts, gave us a piece which took issue with the fact that so many Federasts think that they are so very clever. He might have added, but didn't, that it is this window-licking level of stupidity that accounts for their defeat and inability to salvage anything from that defeat. 

So, being a warm, cuddly, decent soul, I did it for him with this comment:

Perhaps needless to say, the comment lasted less than 15 minutes before being deleted. That could only have happened because any number of thick as pigshit Federasts with their crappy little poly degrees, puerile desire for status and local-government non-jobs took umbrage at my truthful prose and went a-whining to the Guardian's very own Mrs Grundy. 

I should have pointed out that now that Scotland has declared itself hors de combat, London is an isolated island in a deep Brexit sea. So long as the rest of us who do not live in London keep our Brexit coalition alive then we can continue to outvote the fuckers in the Smoke.

A pity they are too stupid to realise that simple truth.

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